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Take a look inside our barrels and learn the stories of each of our brands. Get to know the founders, rum masters, and people who work in the distilleries every day.



As the top-selling rum brand in the world, Bacardí has its origins in Cuba but has been linked to Puerto Rico's own rum making tradition since 1936.

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Don Q's Serrallés distillery is commonly referred to as the birthplace of Puerto Rican rum. Established in 1865, it is the island's second largest distillery, producing one of the most popular rum brands in Puerto Rico.

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Since 1880, Ron del Barrilito has been a standard for Puerto Rico’s premium aged artisanal rum tradition.

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Established in 2013 in the mountain town of Cidra, Club Caribe focuses on making a wide variety of flavored rums.

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Caliche is one of the newer brands of Rums of Puerto Rico. It’s a sutper-premium white rum distilled five times for clarity and purity.

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A small, family-owned liquor manufacturing and distribution company from Puerto Rico, Trigo produces rums since the 1980's.

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